Edgeless ArchitectureTM Design Characteristics

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An Edgeless HomeTM feels larger than its actual square footage would indicate. With construction costs increasing annually, a smaller footprint and less total finished square footage means the house costs less to construct. In normal residential design, this means you give up area that you might otherwise need in order to achieve a desired budget.

According to founder, Gordon Hudelson, "Using techniques that have been developed throughout my 20+ year career, Edgeless HomesTM reduce the actual square footage of the home without feeling as if you’ve given up required space. In essence, downsizing without sacrificing amenities."

Indoors Out and Outdoors In

An Edgeless HomeTM incorporates a true indoor / outdoor connection.  This technique of allowing exterior materials to come into the house, almost as if they are coming through the windows, makes the spaces feel much larger than they actually are.  Additionally, by bringing the exterior materials through the glass wall, the effect is that the wall doesn’t exist, creating a feeling of outdoor living from within the comfort of your own home.


Sustainable and Energy Efficient

An Edgeless HomeTM takes energy efficiency and sustainability into account.  The use of closed cell insulation creates a much tighter enclosure meaning that your home is not wasting energy by trying to keep up with the changing exterior environment.

The use of sustainable materials, whenever possible, helps to reduce the impact that Edgeless HomesTM have on the precious environment that we live in.  Where window walls face southern exposure, the use of highly efficient insulated windows helps reduce the costs of heating and cooling that are generally associated with the use of a lot of glass.  Additionally, systems such as photovoltaic solar and wind generation can be accommodated in all of our designs, allowing for off grid / nearly off grid living.

Seamless Connectivity

An Edgeless HomeTM has spaces that are connected, and relate to each other in a manner allowing for a seamless flow as you move throughout the floorplan. By removing walls that typically define rooms, and allowing open spaces to flow together, many times only being defined by their furnishings, the entire home is once again made to feel larger than it actually is. This seamless flow allows for different activities to be taking place in different areas without secluding those activities to another room altogether.

This creates an interaction that is many times missing in traditional homes, as children tend to be in their rooms doing things while Mom and Dad are in their respective space of choice. By bringing these spaces together, and letting them interact with each other, it can be said that an Edgeless HomeTM actually helps bring families back together.

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An Edgeless HomeTM is flexible. One of the beauties of an Edgeless Innovations home is that it is not defined by a particular style. It has the flexibility to blend effortlessly into any community in any location, urban or rural.

Environmental Synergy

An Edgeless HomeTM is complimentary to the site…meaning it is situated on the site to maximize the amenities of the site rather than traditional home placement which is generally based on being parallel to the street, no matter what the site amenities might be.

Edgeless HomesTM take every individual site into consideration to ensure that each home feels nestled into the surrounding environment rather than feeling as if it was built on top of the site.



An Edgeless HomeTM is affordable. Using standard materials in unique ways allows an Edgeless HomeTM to utilize the previous six characteristics without drastically increased costs. For example, a 1,600 square foot Edgeless HomeTM built using the same materials as a typical builder home, will feel as if you are living in a 2,000 square foot home, saving you the cost of that additional 400 square feet without sacrificing anything by doing so. Less conditioned space means lower utility bills, and less finished area to maintain.