Gordon Hudelson, The Modern Day Frank Lloyd Wright

Gordon Hudelson believes in designing homes that bring families closer together. His innovative designs are spacious and expansive, encourage more happiness and joy, and are unique to each individual blessed to live in one of his homes.


"I Get It..."

I founded Hudelson Innovations to reconnect families and lessen the impact we have on our planet.

For 22 years I played a key role in an award winning Architecture firm in Boulder. There I experienced first-hand the urban sprawl of the 1990s and 2000s. Homes grew larger and larger as every person fulfilled their needs in their own ever increasing personal space.

Bigger is not always better. I discovered a simple fact—residing in a better place in life is about intelligent and creative use of space rather than making more space.

Spacious accommodations have universal appeal. However, there is a big downside—lost connections. Excessive space tends to inhibit and stop communication. An Edgeless HomeTM focuses on the shared space to keep communication flowing, encouraging engaged conversation and stronger family connections.

Our success is measured entirely by the happiness of our client when they take possession of their new home.


A Union of Beauty and Functionality create connected spaces without boundaries, letting them flow together in synchronized harmony, washing them with natural sunlight through energy efficient windows creating a true inside outside connection to make you feel as if you are in a much larger space.


Hudelson Innovations aligns the environmental focus of the home with the heart of the home—the family. Our designs encourage conversation and reconnect the family in a natural, affordable, and sustainable style of living.


Hudelson Innovations concepts and designs will change and shift the way our society lives. Imagine living in 1,500 square feet that feels like it’s 2,000.